Alrighty, let’s get real: you probably want to get back in the gym. At Boogieland, we will help you every step of the way

To give you that last push, Boogieland has got a really nice deal:

Heavenly unlimited trial week.

For 7 days you can try out as many of our group classes as you’d like for the devilishly small price of €6,66. 


Are you new to Boogieland and curious to see what we’re about? Or maybe you want to introduce your buddy, aunt, neighbour or crush to Boogieland?

Get a Heavenly trial week* and kickstart that workout routine. We promise you we won’t disappoint.

Welcome to heaven!



*The 7 days start from the moment of purchase. You reserve your training spots through our schedule on Virtuagym. Virtuagym is an app for easy workout planning.

Get them while they’re hot.

Which classes can I join during my Heavenly trial week?

Our group training schedule entails loads of different trainings focust on boxing, kickboxing and/or strength training. Check it out below.

Need material? You can rent it at our club desk from our lovely host(s).


Why Boogieland?

After a summer of partying, lots of work and perhaps the occasional mental breakdown; why not treat yourself to something that makes you feel stronger, supported and just generally so much better?

Boogieland is the absolute best place in Amsterdam to grow as a human being, to learn to like – or even: love – your workout, and to become the best [kick] boxer you could be.

Boogieland is situated in a movie-like location in a former garage in Amsterdam Noord, in the courtyard next to Skatecafé. Easily reachable by car, bike, metro (5 minute walk) or piggyback. There’s always space to park your car and we have 3 ferries nearby. 

Want to be persuaded even more? Check out our reviews!



New to Boogieland?

Boogieland [Kick] Boxing Club is the punkiest and sweetest club in Amsterdam Noord!

Boogieland opens the fascinating world of real kickboxing and boxing, without cockiness or blue eyes, but with challenging training and a grade A atmosphere.

Our club is the boxing temple you dreamed of; an open and positive place where you immediately feel at home, where people sweat together and where friendships are made. Boogieland is more than just a gym, besides the training sessions we also organise famous competitions + club party nights like Nacht van de Hete Bliksem, BBQs and other fun stuff.

Your Heavenly trial week classes

Throughout the week we serve up a lot of great group classes you can join:

  • Heavy bag boxing & kickboxing
  • Kickboxing & boxing (more time to get into technicalities)
  • Kickboxing & boxing + to go even deeper and get even better (also mentally and strategically)
  • Boxing & kickboxing Rookies (not just for rookies)
  • Sparring (intro) if you’ve been boxing for a while (and have a match coming up)
  • Sparring + mental prep (especially fitting if you have a match coming up)
  • Strength and conditioning for power and stamina
  • Strength and mobility for muscle and speed
  • 7 rounds and core in 45 minutes, if you want a quick workout before starting your day